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We design, implement and support modern solutions that meet the most demanding of requirements as you advance along the path to your ideal IT environment.

Join us on the path to an ideal IT environment

Ideal IT
is efficient

Every crown, dollar or euro you invest in your IT infrastructure should produce a measurable outcome. Our customized infrastructure design will reflect your organization’s uniqueness and specificities.

Ideal IT
is agile

In the world of Ideal IT you will reach your goal quicker and more easily. The key to this is a flexible IT infrastructure and automation of routine tasks.

Ideal IT
is secure

Concerns about security will become a thing of the past. We will significantly boost your security levels by using the most modern technologies and we will ensure your applications are always available.

What we do

Whether you’re a multinational company, a small business or a public administrative or governmental body, we are ready to face any challenge you put before us.

Run your ideal IT infrastructure

We will help you build an IT infrastructure that perfectly fits your needs and requirements. Whether it’s your own data center or a public or hybrid cloud, we will find the right solution for you.

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Secure your IT environment to the maximum degree possible

We are data security and availability champions. With us, you will never have to worry about loss of data or unmanageable outages. Every app will be secured in compliance with an SLA.

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Take control of your IT environment

We will design and implement an efficient monitoring system for your full environment, including a 24/7 proactive technical support service. We automate routine activities so you have more time for what’s really important for your organization or business.

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We are GAPP

We are a well-coordinated team of competent experts who have a passion for designing, implementing and supporting modern data centers, application infrastructure, and security for both.

We partner with top global hardware and software manufacturers. We build our solutions using the best products currently available on the market.

Come join us on the path to your ideal IT environment!


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