Cloud-ready Data Centers

Public cloud services are not suitable for every IT solution. Some are better operated in one’s own data center or on one’s own systems in a classic hosting environment.

Whether your reasons for building your own data center or server platforms are technical, financial or even compliance-based, we can help you build a secure environment based on the most modern technologies and principles: all this while keeping admin processes simple and delivering a high degree of automation.

Plus, supervision and operations of your ICT infrastructure will be just as simple as they would be in a cloud service-based environment. Should you, over time, decide to migrate your systems, you will be prepared.

What we deliver when it comes to ICT infrastructure system design and implementation:

Ideal mix of technologies used

We design each solution based on the project’s specific objectives and needs for integration into an existing environment. We make use of and combine products from top global manufacturers with the aim of delivering an optimal solution.

A high level of security

We always consider the availability of solutions we propose: how they are backed up, recovery procedures, and disaster recovery. Your ICT infrastructure will meet all your individualized requirements for availability and security.

A reliable partner for technical support

We offer 24/7 technical support for all our solutions. For certain technologies, we deliver a proactive set-up. No matter what happens, you will always have a single point of contact that you can reach anytime and always rely on.

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