ICT Security

Delivery of security for ICT environments is no longer a matter for just the security department or part of specialized security projects. Security aspects must be taken into consideration in all activities related to the ICT environment; namely, during the actual building of your ICT infrastructure.

Luckily, modern technology, alongside traditional network security features, provides us a number of tools that enable us to markedly boost security levels. One example is network virtualization systems using micro-segmentation principles and distributed security tools, log collection and analysis systems for the entire infrastructure, or solutions for ensuring privileged access management and its monitoring.

Delivery of an ideal security solution is part of all our ICT infrastructure designs.

What we deliver in our ICT security solutions:

Certainty that you have done the maximum for your infrastructure’s security

When designing comprehensive ICT infrastructure, we work with you to go through all security tools you have already implemented and we suggest how to expand or integrate them. We also factor in adequate supervision of the full environment.

Methodical and content support for all aspects of the solution

When working with a number of applications and systems it is not easy to maintain a detailed understanding of everything. We give you access to top-quality specialists who can fine-tune all of them: both from a technical and a security perspective.

A reliable partner for any situation

Not only as concerns infrastructure design or specific security products, but also during the support process for your entire solution: we will regularly participate in assessing your environment’s sufficient security and design for additional measures.

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