The path to Uninterrupted IT system operations

Any unplanned application outage is a nightmare for IT managers. Ensuring continuous operations for applications and data security needs to be simple, robust and reliable.
We will help you ensure that unplanned outages or data loss become terms you never hear again when speaking of your applications.

This path’s key benefits:

Availability of each application based on its SLA

Each application has different demands for its availability. Some are critical, others less so. Our solutions for ensuring their availability respect specific requirements for each one.

You will never lose your data again

We have over 20 years’ experience in the field of data backup and recovery. We are able to secure data for almost any application: whether they be standard ones or custom-made. There is no app we can’t handle.

Optimal technologies for every environment

Using a large number of tools for ensuring data availability always leads to a reduction in the solution’s overall reliability. That’s why we use tools that cover the maximum number of requirements while ensuring uniform, simple administration.

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