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GAPP System is a highly-skilled & experienced Advanced Technology Solutions Provider with proven capabilities in designing, deploying & supporting complex IT Legacy & Cloud environments.

Our mission is to be a leader in DC transformation, operational efficiency, cloud adoption and security. In another words, when a CIO of a company wakes up in his nightmare troubled with IT complexity, Cloud Adoption issues and Security threats, he immediately dials GAPP System.

GAPP System experts help businesses to modernize & optimize the computing environment and to secure business investments.

GAPP System working areas are:

  • Legacy & Software Defined Storage (SDS),
  • Backup & Recovery Solutions,
  • Software Defined Data Center (SDDC),
  • Virtualization and IT Automation & Modernization,
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Solutions,
  • Private, Hybrid & Public Cloud,
  • Cloud Data Management,
  • Data Center Consolidations & Modernization,
  • Cloud-Native Applications

GAPP System expertise, proven methodologies, best practices & cross practices engagement models are based on highly-skilled engineering team that is performing:

  • Design & Architecture,
  • IT Transformation Services,
  • Assessments & Health-Check,
  • Integration & Implementation,
  • Cloud Migration Services,  
  • Project Management,
  • Operational & Technical Support,
  • Proactive Monitoring & Managed Services

GAPP System is partnering with the leading technology vendors in order to deliver the state-of-the-art solutions to our customers.


Over the past year, GAPP System has found that many of its customers face challenges related to their IT systems’ growing complexity, lack of flexibility and operating costs.

Some of them have decided to meet those challenges head on and join us on a Journey to Ideal IT.

What does Ideal IT look like? It is most often defined by terms such as efficient, agile and secure.

  • Efficient in that all resources (i.e. financial, technical or human) deliver measurable performance.
  • Agile meaning that users can make quick changes to applications and IT organization and operations.
  • Secure in terms of being able to manage the entire IT infrastructure in on-prem and cloud environments while having the same level of security for both.

We have also found, together with our customers, that the Journey to Ideal IT leads uphill and that it is relatively steep in the beginning. Often, at the start of such a climb, IT managers are given additional tasks such as achieving 30% operating cost savings, increasing IT speed, or creating a cloud strategy (because, as reported in Forbes Magazine, the industry believes that 20% of all applications should be in the cloud by 2020). At the same time, businesses must secure all systems they run which are critical to their business.

Most IT managers soon realize, however, that there are several paths they can take in their Journey to Ideal IT. In addition to addressing efficiency, speed, cloud environments and security, they must also deal with increasing complexity. This is because they usually run three different IT environments:

  • Legacy IT: usually inherited infrastructure consisting of old-fashioned applications run on equally old-fashioned platforms.
  • Modern IT: typical for the deployment of infrastructure virtualization.
  • "Born in the cloud" IT: usually runs containerized applications in public cloud environments.

All this results in every aspect of Ideal IT needing to be implemented along each of the paths.

At GAPP System, we are committed to assisting our customers in solving their challenges at all levels. In practice, this means that we implement cost reduction projects for legacy IT (where consolidation, upgrades and re-platforming are the best way forward), for modern IT (where the main issues involve hyperconvergence and software-defined data centers), as well as "Born in the Cloud" IT (which offers various tools for measuring cloud IT efficiency).

Speeding up your IT usually means the ability to develop and deploy applications quickly. This is often referred to as the DevOps cycle. With legacy IT, this acceleration is done through automation: with specific tools and coding. With modern IT, the ideal path is to virtualize all resources in a software-defined data center and to create automation schemes. This drives development environments and helps deploy them into production. A well-implemented DevOps cycle leads to the ability to run IT in hybrid models, i.e. to run applications both on-premise and in the cloud and be ready to adopt containerized applications.

As concerns security and cloud adoption, users can implement the same security principles in an on-premises data center and as they do in a cloud environment. Compared to the past, users face more issues that they need to address and monitor. Traditional business continuity and disaster recovery scenarios must meet new requirements: like protection against cyber-crime and ransomware. Thus, security must be ensured at all levels; ideally, with options for comprehensive, central management.

If you feel that you face similar challenges, you no longer need to worry. Contact GAPP System to solve your problems quickly and easily. Visit or send us an email to